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Beneficial Microbes is a peer-reviewed scientific journalwith a specific area of focus: the promotion of the science of microbesbeneficial to the health and wellbeing of man and animal. The journal containsoriginal research papers and critical reviews in all areas dealing withbeneficial microbes in both the small and large intestine, together withopinions, a calendar of forthcoming beneficial microbes-related events and bookreviews. The journal takes a multidisciplinary approach and focuses on a broadspectrum of issues, including safety aspects of pro- & prebiotics,regulatory aspects, mechanisms of action, health benefits for the host, optimalproduction processes, screening methods, (meta)genomics, proteomics andmetabolomics, host and bacterial physiology, application, and role in healthand disease in man and animal. Beneficial Microbes is intended to serve theneeds of researchers and professionals from the scientific community andindustry, as well as those of policy makers and regulators.

As aspecialist digital publisher, pharmaphorum media champions the need forengaging and authoritative content designed to communicate thought-leadershipand innovation between all stakeholdersin healthcare.
Bringing togethernews, analysis and expert perspectives, our dedicated team of medicaljournalists and editors combine their vast healthcare knowledge and scientificunderstanding with excellent communication skills to publish through our ownand third-party digital channels – offering an unparalleled platform to raiseawareness of your brand and create engagement with exactly the people you needto reach. is a web-based platform specialized in external research and development. We are an outsourcing platform that will help you to find the R&D service provider that best fits your necessities in your outsourcing process. is the new Collaboration Network Model for Discovery Research and Development. team has extensive experience working for pharmaceuticals, biotechs, universities and academic research institutes and can helps you addressing your key gaps.

Genome Medicine publishes research and reviews thatdescribe important advances in the application of genetics, genomics andmulti-omics to understand, diagnose and treat disease.
Areas covered include, but arenot limited to: precision medicine, novel methods and software, cancergenomics, disease genomics and epigenomics, immunogenomics, infectious disease,microbiome and systems medicine.
Genome Medicine’s open access policy allowsmaximum visibility of articles published in the journal as they are availableto a wide, global audience.
We offer a fast publication schedule whilst maintaining rigorous peerreview. Online publication in GenomeMedicine gives you the opportunity to publish large datasets, large numbersof color illustrations and moving pictures, to display data in a form that canbe read directly by other software packages so as to allow readers tomanipulate the data for themselves, and to create all relevant links.

The central purpose of Microbiome is to unite investigators conducting microbiome research in environmental, agricultural, and biomedical arenas.
Topics broadly addressing the study of microbial communities, such as, microbial surveys, bioinformatics, meta-omics approaches and community/host interaction modeling will be considered for publication. Through this collection of literature Microbiome hopes to integrate researchers with common scientific objectives across a broad cross-section of sub-disciplines within microbial ecology.

Cell Host & Microbe’s mission is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and concepts between scientists studying the microbe with those studying the host immune, cell biological, and/or molecular response upon colonization or infection by a microbe. Cell Host & Microbe publishes novel findings related to various microbes, including pathogenic, non-pathogenic, and commensal. New insights range from molecular and cellular biology to translational studies with particular emphasis on the interface between the microbe and its host. The unifying theme is the integrated study of microbes in conjunction and communication with each other, their host, and the cellular environment they inhabit.

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