Don’t miss the 2nd Annual Human Microbiome Congress!

For decades, the negative effects of invasive pathogenic microorganisms have been clear, but with evidence emerging to support the role of the human microbiome in the maintenance of health and development of disease, attitudes towards microorganisms are changing and the microbiome industry is growing rapidly. With an increase in investment, large-scale collaborations and innovative research, the objective is no longer just defining the structure and diversity of the microbiome, but rather, overcoming the barriers to translation of research into commercially and clinically viable therapeutics.

The conference will bring together leaders from a multitude of scientific disciplines to show case unpublished data, new therapeutic advances and translational case studies to highlight not only the potential applications for microbiome research, but also the challenges surrounding clinical implementation. Microbiome research is set to revolutionise not only disease therapeutics, but also diagnostics and preventative medicine and therefore, it is more important than ever to provide a platform for education, collaboration and discussion.

The Human Microbiome Congress is a place for top academics, practicing clinicians, biotech entrepreneurs and investors, government and regulatory bodies, ground breaking solution providers and industry leaders to discuss ideas, form collaborations and identify strategies for development.

  • Meet and learn from industry leaders
  • Consider the practical aspects of promoting effective partnerships
  • Learn from the latest unpublished data
  • Network with top academics and clinicians in the field

Interested in finding out more? Download a copy of the agenda today to view the full list of speakers and topics.